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Feeding Therapy

Feeding disorders may look like:

Difficulty with breastfeeding or bottle feeding 

• Picky eater (not eating developmentally appropriate foods, restricted diet)

• Frequent gagging, coughing, choking or aspiration

• Difficulty with self-feeding skills
• Significantly below average on the height/weight growth curve


How can we help?

• Expand the client's diet (adequate nutrition and hydration).

• Use optimum feeding methods & techniques for swallowing safety & efficiency 

• Collaborate with family to incorporate dietary preferences 

• Attain age-appropriate eating skills and have enjoyable mealtime with family

• Prevent future feeding issues with positive feeding-related experiences

(American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)

• Our SLPs are trained in breast feeding, myofunctional therapy, oral-motor exercises, SOS feeding and food chaining.


JHA offers both individual & group feeding therapy! Call our office
to schedule a feeding consultation. ​

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