We can help you soar to new heights!

We are a professional group of therapists providing speech-language,
occupational, & social therapy near Memphis in Germantown, TN.

Is your child...

• Older than 12 months & not talking?
• Older than 24 months & saying fewer than 50 words?
• Having challenges swallowing?
• Unable to follow directions?
• Difficult to understand?
• Frustrated when expressing thoughts or ideas?
• Struggling with reading?
• Having trouble making friends?
• Receiving poor grades in school?
• A very picky eater?
• Having difficulty with fine motor (writing, grasping)?
• Showing sensory processing delays?
• Demonstrating social-emotional needs?
• A behavioral challenge?

Adults, are you…

• Having difficulty communicating?
• Recovering from a stroke or brain injury?
• Needing speech services to advance in a career?
• Experiencing voice problems?

Does your child need…

Social group therapy?
Preschool language group?
• Kindergarten readiness group?
Occupational therapy?
• Speech-Language Therapy?
• ABA Therapy?
• Counseling Services?


If you have any of these concerns, our therapists can help resolve them. We invite you to contact us to discuss your situation and to ask any questions. We are here to listen and help. We can help you decide what is best for you and your family.

Contact us now at 901-328-2110


JHA Provides:
• Individualized evaluations
• Individualized therapy sessions
• Social group therapy sessions
• Preschool Language Groups
• Handwriting Groups

• Our Germantown office
• We go to many private schools
• Out of our area? Let's Skype