Group Therapy

Language Groups
Improve language, motor, cognitive, pre-academic, behavior, and social skills through age-appropriate, engaging activities. An experienced, certified teacher collaborates with speech, OT, and ABA therapists to lead this program. Your child can attend for 1-5 days/week. These programs are offered year-round.

Children in these groups may need to prepare for kindergarten, learn to be potty trained, improve attention/behavior, improve language/social skills, be in a small classroom environment, prepare for a private school, or improve sensory processing skills.
  • Toddler Language Groups (18 months-35 months, 2 hours/day)
  • Preschool Language Groups (3-4 year olds, 3 hours/day)
  • Kindergarten Readiness Groups (4-6 year olds, 3 hours/day)

Social Groups
(hour-long, once/week per group. Groups are offered 5 days/week)
Our hour-long small-groups develop peer relationship and play skills by targeting individualized goals.  Creative and engaging activities keep your child motivated and research-based methods speed progress.  Students are grouped by ages and skill levels.  You will receive written feedback each session and homework to help generalize the skills. No diagnosis is necessary, but some of our clients have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorder, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and social delays.

Social skills that will be learned and practiced include conversational skills, identifying and responding to verbal and non-verbal social cues, problem-solving, sharing, play skills, taking others’ perspectives, management of anger, emotional regulation, teamwork and cooperation, making inferences, flexibility, and a variety of other skills.

Feeding Group (hour-long, once/week)
For picky eaters or children with medical conditions that affect oral intake. A therapist will use the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to address feeding from a developmental and sensory standpoint. Children interact with peers, learn about foods, explore tastes and textures, and increase the variety of foods they will eat. This group is led by therapists (SLP, OT, ABA) for hour-long sessions. We also consult with a nutritionist with specialty in pediatrics, who is a part of our feeding team.

Handwriting Group (hour-long, once/week)
An OT helps improve fine motor skills using the Handwriting without Tears curriculum.

Keyboard/Typing Group (hour-long, once/week) 
An OT uses the Keyboarding without Tears program.