Speech-Language Services for Adults

  • Accent Reduction:
    Non-native English speakers and adults with regional accents are provided therapy to improve their pronunciation to improve their communication skills for the business environment.  Adults may be taught correct vowel production, syllable accent, slower rate, stress patterns, and prosody.

  • Aphasia Therapy:
    Therapy is provided to improve language comprehension and production for stroke or head trauma victims.

  • Apraxia and Dysarthria Rehabilitation:
    Retraining process to increase oral-motor coordination, strength, and function. This enhances word formation and eating processes.

  • Dysphagia:
    Therapy is provided for adults with dysphagia (chewing/swallowing problems).

  • Voice Therapy:
    Individualized therapy for those who have an impaired ability to use their voice (e.g., vocal nodules/polyps resulting in a “hoarse voice”). 

  • Social Skills:
    Individualized therapy to improve social skills for the workplace and/or home environments. Learn skills to help you advance in your career and improve interpersonal relationships.

  • Brain Injury:
    Individualized evaluation and treatment to improve language, executive functioning, problem solving, life skills, and independence.

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