Online Screening

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, an evaluation is recommended.

Speech-Language Therapy

Is your Child…
  • Older than 12 months & not talking?
  • Older than 24 months & saying fewer than 50 words?
  • Having challenges swallowing?
  • Unable to follow directions?
  • Difficult to understand?
  • Frustrated when expressing thoughts or ideas?
  • Struggling with reading?
  • Having trouble making friends?
  • Receiving poor grades in school?
  • A very picky eater?
  • Having difficulty in preschool?
Adults, are you…
  • Having difficulty communicating?
  • Recovering from a stroke or brain injury?
  • Needing speech-language or social skills to advance in a career?
  • Experiencing voice problems?
  • Having difficulty communicating because of an accent?

Occupational Therapy

Are you or your child…
  • Under or over-responsive to sensory stimuli (loud sounds, touching different textures)?
  • Having difficulty with handwriting/coloring (difficulty staying in lines, copying shapes, grasp)?
  • A Picky eater?
  • Constantly moving or very lethargic?
  • Challenging with behavior or inattention?
  • Needing self-help skills (tying shoes, buttoning, snapping, feeding self, getting dressed)?
  • Delayed with visual-motor integration skills (throwing/catching, copying from the board)?

Physical Therapy

Is your child…
  • Delayed with sitting up, crawling, walking, or running?
  • Recovering from an injury and/or surgery?
  • Having limited range of motion?
  • Needing to improve muscle strength, mobility, and flexibility?

Social Skills

Are you or your child…
  • Having difficulty with friendships or relationships?
  • Needing better emotional regulation skills?
  • Having difficulty problem solving social situations?
  • Needing to improve play skills?
  • Inflexible with others?